Friday, June 19, 2009


In effort to keep me from going crazy get out of the house and enjoy the summer day we decided to head over to a local outdoor mall. Hannah is toying with the idea of getting her ears double pierced and they have a Claire's there so that was the first stop. She wasn't impressed with the sales girl and promptly announced her discomfort in allowing her to pierce her precious lobes. So it was decided that the piercing be put on hold. After a bit of window shopping we ended up at the little water feature turned splash pad for all of the local children. I had a feeling that's where we would end up so I did come prepared with changes of clothes and a towel but didn't let the kids know that! When Andrew said "wet, wawa" and I told him to go ahead and get wet. The older two looked at me like I was crazy. When they got the same confirmation as their brother they too took off to cool off without looking back! They had a great time and I sat in the sun and fried! The things us mom's do to make our kids happy.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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