Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hannah's Day

Well, today's the big day everyone. The day I trade my sanity for a seat on the crazy train headed straight for boy-crazed little girl central, all for the sake of my sweet Hannah. At 3pm today we head out to see The Jonas Brother's in concert. Not only will it be Hannah's first concert but it is also the kickoff of the JoBro's World Tour and I'm quite certain that we are in for an entertaining show as this is their hometown. Hannah has had her outfit picked out for weeks and everytime she hears a JB song or someone talking about them the smile that overcomes her face is priceless. Although she is super excited, she has NO IDEA what she is in for! I can't wait to see her reaction when we get there. I will take as many pictures as my little memory card can hold!!! So, say a little prayer for me this evening as I watch my not so little girl have the time of her life!!

Friday, June 19, 2009


In effort to keep me from going crazy get out of the house and enjoy the summer day we decided to head over to a local outdoor mall. Hannah is toying with the idea of getting her ears double pierced and they have a Claire's there so that was the first stop. She wasn't impressed with the sales girl and promptly announced her discomfort in allowing her to pierce her precious lobes. So it was decided that the piercing be put on hold. After a bit of window shopping we ended up at the little water feature turned splash pad for all of the local children. I had a feeling that's where we would end up so I did come prepared with changes of clothes and a towel but didn't let the kids know that! When Andrew said "wet, wawa" and I told him to go ahead and get wet. The older two looked at me like I was crazy. When they got the same confirmation as their brother they too took off to cool off without looking back! They had a great time and I sat in the sun and fried! The things us mom's do to make our kids happy.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Show Us Where You Live Friday.

It's Friday again already. The weeks are flying by since school is out. This week's Show Us Where You Live Friday is highlighting Laundry Rooms/ Playrooms/ Bonus rooms. Since I don't have a bonus/playroom it looks like you'll be seeing my Laundry Room. I'm sorry :) It's pretty boring. You know, a washer. And a dryer. Well, anyhow here it is.

Looking in from the garage. Yes, it's the same color as the walls in this post! What can I say, I'm cheap. The room needed painting. That was the can with the most paint in it.
The rug at the garage door
My washer and dryer running...... as usual.

Door to the garage
My fun ironing board cover I found on ebay.

The cross Hannah made when she was in kindergarten.

The view from the kitchen.
Some artwork the kids have done at school.

My cabinets, my hanging bar thing and my laundry supplies.

'Cause I thought you'd want to see the inside of the cabinets.

Well, that's about it I guess. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

 It is now less than a week until Hannah and I go to the Jonas Brother's Concert.  I am not in the least bit excited about it either!! Not at all!!  Also, I am thrilled to have to pay $35.00 to park (I got off cheap and pre-ordered a pass so we could park close.  The poor schmucks that wait until they get there will pay upwards of $60 and have to walk at least a mile I've heard!) and $7 for a bottle of water.  They'll have that new stadium paid off in no time!!

I absolutely, positively did not pour bubble bath into Andrew's play pool while he was swimming earlier this week and call that a bath!

Now that Summer is in full swing and Hannah and Ethan have taken to staying up later at night and sleeping in in the mornings I have not been trying to keep Andrew up later at night in hopes that he will take a hint and sleep in like his brother and sister.  How's that workin' out, you ask?  Not so much......

I did not encourage Hannah to play with her food at the dinner table.  This would just be poor parenting and I am definitely perfectly appropriate all of the time as far as my parenting is concerned...... what??? 

I did not take the easy way out and just grab a box of powdered donut holes while at WalMart to feed the kids for breakfast this morning rather than preparing them a nutritious meal to start the day.  Of course Andrew was eating them rather than crumbling them all over the floor.  If he had been smooshing them then it would have been ridiculous for me to continue to give him another one just to hear him say "ball white"!  Andrew is not my own personal entertainment!!

Have a great week everyone!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday.

It's Friday! Woohoooo! Not only is it Friday, it's Kelly's Show us where you live Friday (if you have no idea what I am talking about just click here), and today she has chosen the oh, so glamorous BATHROOM! For those of you that know me, know that I RARELY pay full price for anything. Almost everything that is in my bathrooms I got dirt cheap, either on sale or at discount stores.

So here they are in all of their glory....

We have two. The first one I'll show you is the "guest bathroom", i.e. - the bathroom the kids use!

It's not kid themed because after all it is a Guest bathroom ;)

Here is the view looking in from the hallway.

I got this metal wall hanging at Kirkland's on clearance for $7.99 (regularly $24.99).

I got this plant/candle holder years ago at the Bombay Co. Outlet before they went out of business and the cross was a birthday gift I do believe.

The opposite wall - through the mirror.
I got the set of two 18x24 framed pictures at Big Lots for $9.99 each.

The view from the shower looking out to the hall.

The next stop is the "Master Bathroom". I put it in quotes because although it is technically a bathroom...... in the master bedroom that is all it is and in my opinion doesn't deserve the title of "Master Bathroom"! It is so small, does not have a big bathtub that beckons to me to forget the stresses of my day and come take a long hot bubble bath, nor does it have double sinks. Okay, okay, it serves its purpose. It does indeed have a toilet....... and a shower with a regular tub......and one sink. Well, see for yourself.

Looking in from the bedroom

I got this framed print as a set of 3 on ebay and kept "Paris" and gave "Italy" and "Rome" to a friend. The cute little beaded tea light holder came from Big Lots for $1.00 a piece.

This little hook came from Hobby Lobby. I got it for $4.99 (50% off).
I got the giant clock on ebay for $14.99.
The shower curtain is from Kohl's.

I got this fun towel rack at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. (I think I paid $12.99)
This hole in the wall was absolutely free courtesy of Andrew!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Home Sweet Home

Warning:  the following post contains a ridiculous amount of pictures.  Please view (and enjoy) this blog at your own risk!

Well, we are back from Grandpa's house.  We were so sad to have to leave so soon but glad to be back home with Kris and Andrew.  It was a short but jam-packed-full-of-fun weekend!  After finally getting packed and hitting the road on Friday we arrived at around 5:30, having only forgotten my swimsuit (I told you all I always forget something).  No worries, I ended up not needing it anyway! 
After visiting at the house for a while we headed off (with gameboys in tow) to the graduation at Ryan's high school football field.   The graduates entered the stadium to their senior class song and sat mid-field.  

We heard the class president and the valedictorian give motivating speeches to their peers before they all leave the safety of Mt. Pleasant High School and set forth into the "real world".   Sitting there in the bleachers we watched the baby of our family cross the 50 yard line stage into adulthood.  

To say that we are all proud is an understatement.  Way to go Ryan!!!

Ryan and Daddy
The four of us "kids".  Me, Leslie, Robert and Ryan

On Saturday we all went to lunch at a little Italian restaurant called Luigi's.  Now, I am not a huge fan of Italian food but this place is wonderful.  At Leslie's recommendation I had the cannelloni with beef and spinach and it was to die for.  As I was looking over the menu before ordering I noticed my weakness on the dessert menu. Cheesecake, key lime cheesecake to be exact!  So after a delicious lunch we ordered some cheesecake and the tiramisu, which I think Hannah had more of than anyone else did!  
Once our bellies were full we headed back to grandpa's house.  Aunt Leslie headed to Longview to spend the rest of the weekend with a friend and the rest of us headed to the backyard for a good ole' water balloon fight!  Uncle Ryan, Uncle Robert, Aunt Honey, Hannah and Ethan had fun getting soaked while Grandpa and I had the task of filling the balloons.  

What a fun day!!

On Sunday before we headed home Grandpa, Uncle Robert and I got up early and took the kids fishing at a lake in the backyard of a friend of my dad's.   It was absolutely beautiful out there.  I could have sat on that deck with my feet in the water all day long!

 It was Hannah and Ethan's first time fishing and you could definitely tell!  We weren't able to find many worms to use as bait so we ended up using some fajita meat that we had at the house, which worked out great.  The kids wouldn't help bait the hook so I certainly don't need to tell you that they refused to take the fish off of the hook!  They did however each reluctantly hold a fish, pose for a picture and toss it back into the water!  It was so much fun and Ethan especially enjoyed it.

This is Hannah with Gracie and Blue, the "owners" of the lake.  They swam while we fished!
What a great morning!

Before I wrap it up I have to share some pictures of my dad's garden.  I was shocked at how much he has growing out there.  I hope everyone in town likes tomatoes!  Aside from all of the tomatoes, he has cucumbers, corn, watermelon and...... I know I am forgetting something.  Oh, and he has a cute little fig tree!

This is one of those hangy-upside-down-tomato-grower-things.  They really work, see!!

Here is that cute little fig tree!

Oh, and here's something else that's growing at my Dad's house

These 5 little bundles of furry goodness are about a week old and Mama cat has decided that the barbeque grill makes a good and safe nursery!

Whew, I think that's about it.  The ride home was uneventful and we actually all made it to bed early for once!

If you are still with me after this massive post,  have a great weekend!!