Friday, June 19, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday.

It's Friday again already. The weeks are flying by since school is out. This week's Show Us Where You Live Friday is highlighting Laundry Rooms/ Playrooms/ Bonus rooms. Since I don't have a bonus/playroom it looks like you'll be seeing my Laundry Room. I'm sorry :) It's pretty boring. You know, a washer. And a dryer. Well, anyhow here it is.

Looking in from the garage. Yes, it's the same color as the walls in this post! What can I say, I'm cheap. The room needed painting. That was the can with the most paint in it.
The rug at the garage door
My washer and dryer running...... as usual.

Door to the garage
My fun ironing board cover I found on ebay.

The cross Hannah made when she was in kindergarten.

The view from the kitchen.
Some artwork the kids have done at school.

My cabinets, my hanging bar thing and my laundry supplies.

'Cause I thought you'd want to see the inside of the cabinets.

Well, that's about it I guess. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!
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