Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hannah's Day

Well, today's the big day everyone. The day I trade my sanity for a seat on the crazy train headed straight for boy-crazed little girl central, all for the sake of my sweet Hannah. At 3pm today we head out to see The Jonas Brother's in concert. Not only will it be Hannah's first concert but it is also the kickoff of the JoBro's World Tour and I'm quite certain that we are in for an entertaining show as this is their hometown. Hannah has had her outfit picked out for weeks and everytime she hears a JB song or someone talking about them the smile that overcomes her face is priceless. Although she is super excited, she has NO IDEA what she is in for! I can't wait to see her reaction when we get there. I will take as many pictures as my little memory card can hold!!! So, say a little prayer for me this evening as I watch my not so little girl have the time of her life!!

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