Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Suitcase

Who would have ever thought that kids could get such enjoyment from an empty suitcase?  Upon returning from a super fun weekend trip to my dad's (more on that later) I plopped my suitcase onto the kitchen floor and began unpacking.  Dirty clothes into the washer? Check.  Shoes back into the closet? Check.  Shampoo and hair straightener back in the bathroom cabinet? Check.  Andrew buckled into his new "ride"????  Check!   

And this has been the scene for the last 3 days at our house.  He was having so much fun riding as I was unpacking that after I had finished I moved the empty suitcase into the living room where Andrew has enjoyed hours of fun.  I was especially grateful for his new "toy" yesterday as I had a stomach virus and was pretty much out of commission for the entire day.  All three kids played for hours taking turns buckling each other into the suitcase and letting their imaginations take them somewhere far far away!  

Although the suitcase really doesn't 
go with the decor in our living room I'm thinking I'll leave it out for a while.  After all, everyone needs to go for a ride sometimes.
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