Friday, January 30, 2009


What a week it has been! It's finally Friday and everything seems almost back to "normal"! After Hannah staying home sick on Monday, then school being canceled on Tuesday and Wednesday due to ice, then Ethan home sick on Thursday it has been a LONG week! I am so happy that today everyone was well enough to get back in the groove and allow me some sanity back! It's just Andrew and I this morning and while yes, he is quite a handful, I feel much calmer today to not have chaos ensuing in here! Andrew is finally old enough (and big enough) that Ethan likes to "wrestle" with him. They are constantly chasing, screaming and tackling one another. It's actually pretty cute, and I love that Ethan has a buddy to do "boy stuff" with - loud as they may be, I am grateful! I am also grateful to have a daughter that is SO animated and dramatic. Yes, she has been known to make me want to scream a time or 10 with her over-dramatic interpretation of most everything that I say but she also makes me laugh like not many people can. What did I ever do before I was a Mom?
I will end this post with some highlights from this week. Yep, it was a long one but an entertaining one!


Now, get down!!

Silly Girl!!
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