Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ode to.... Oswald?!

This is who currently brightens Andrew's day.  Not Mommy.  Not Daddy.  Oswald!  If Oswald is on then all is right with the world... for Andrew anyway.  If you aren't living in toddler world I'll fill you in.  Oswald is a big blue Octopus that lives in Big City and has great whimsical adventures with his 
friends; pet hotdog Weenie, a finicky penguin named Henry, and an energetic flower named Daisy.  I remember this show when Hannah and Ethan were younger but they never cared much for it so I assumed the same would be true for Andrew.  Well, was I WRONG.  We happened upon it one day several months ago and things haven't been the same since.  It comes on four, yes four, times a day and somedays we watch it EVERY TIME it's on!  When he hears the theme music he goes crazy, running around in circles, squealing and pointing to each character as they come on the screen.  He can watch the same episode 10 times in a row and now get tired of it!  I love how he is so easy to please.  I mean, he loves Oswald almost as much as he loves chicken nuggets!

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