Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Dude, where's my cupcake?"

 We had a (short lived) great start to the weekend Friday when the kids got their report cards and they both did SUPER!!  I was so proud of their hard work and perfect attendance that I decided to reward them with cupcakes.  This is a rare occurrence in our house, so rare in fact, I couldn't tell you the last time I made
them so the kids were thrilled!  Chocolaty goodness in the palm of their hands - what could be better?  Neither one of them had any homework so they had the afternoon free to argue and pester one another, which I must say they are nearly perfect at!  Kris ended up getting a late afternoon appointment so I decided that since I had been feeling a little under the weather that I would just take the kids to McDonalds for dinner and be done with it.  

Sunday Hannah started running a fever and feeling crummy.  I knew it was serious when she decided she wasn't up to going to church (which is the highlight of her week).  Hannah is NEVER sick so she has been a little out os sorts and not quite sure what to do.  Since Kris had a confirmed case of the Flu last week I went ahead and took her into the doctor on Sunday night just to be sure that she didn't have it as well.  The test results were negative for the Flu so we are going to assume that it's just a virus.  We were instructed to come back in if the fever hasn't subsided by Wednesday.  
 Throughout the last couple of days I have noticed that Hannah has added a new word to her vocabulary that I am not very fond of.  Not because it's a "bad" word but because it brings back some horrendous memories of an era that I hope never comes back in style.  The word is Dude! ICK, UGH, EWW!  I know, I know, She's in the 4th grade and she is probably saying it because the "cool kids" are saying it but..... She says it all the time.  Ethan is no longer Ethan he is Dude.  If I hear another "come on dude" or "awe, dude" I might gag!  In an effort to kick the habit I told her earlier today that every time she said it she would have to put a quarter in a bucket.  Within the first 3 minutes the bucket had $1.75 in it.  Since she only has $18.71 in her purse I realized that this wouldn't be effective for very long.  I refunded her her money and decided I'd have to think of another way to dissuade her from using "the word" but I'll probably just suck it up and live with it.  Heck, I may even teach her some more hideous slang from the "old days"!  
      I am off to check in on Hannah and her still present fever.  She missed school on Monday but thanks to an "ice storm" ( we are in Texas - are there ever really ice storms?) school was canceled today so it won't be another absence.  Pray that I can keep these rowdy boys entertained today so they don't drive me (and Hannah) crazy!
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