Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We have a bleeder!

Well, I am sort of figuring this site out and can now even change my font color. Yay me! So, last night the boys were playing ever so nicely (yeah right!) in Andrew's room when all of a sudden I hear a thud, see Ethan bolt out of the room, then I hear ...the SCREAMS! I ran to the scene of the crime bedroom and found Andrew flat on his back with a lot of blood coming out of his mouth. Luckily for me I don't really have a weak stomach - not with my kids anyway! Now, I'm not saying that Ethan had anything to do with Andrew's "accident" but he sure did flee the scene leave the bedroom at a high rate of speed! I'm just sayin'..... Anyway, back to the bleeder. I scooped him up off of the floor to inspect the damage (and to check for missing teeth) and discovered a gaping cut on the inside of his upper lip along with the flap of skin that used to reside there (Which was now just left hanging)! So I carried him to the freezer and got him the Smiley Face ice pack that he sucked on until he fell asleep. I normally wouldn't have allowed him to take a nap at 5 in the evening but it was either that or watch him try to figure out what in the heck this thing was hanging from his mouth and why Mommy wouldn't let him touch it! After he fell asleep I called the E.R. to ask if they thought I should bring him in for a stitch.... or 5 and I was advised that things seemed to be alright as long as the bleeding had stopped and the "flap" didn't continue to bother him (which it didn't). Thank goodness for that. I was absolutely dreading the though of having to take him in for stitches. I have horrible memories of my brother having to have his mouth stitched when he was around Andrew's age. He was so traumatized afterward that he would not let anyone change his diaper for fear that they were lying him down to give him more stitches. Needless to say my dad learned to change his diaper with him standing up. So today it looks much better, just a little swollen and the "flap" either reattached or fell off. Yay for that. Although I never did really get a confession to the bottom of what happened everything turned out to be fine and Andrew is on the mend!

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