Sunday, May 31, 2009

Turn me loose, set me free!

I have never denied that my Andrew is a handful, but I am beginning to wonder if he is more than even I can handle.  It appears that the little Houdini has finally figured out how to unbuckle his 5-point harness carseat!  I say finally because I kind of knew it was coming, although I had hoped it wouldn't be until he didn't actually need to use a carseat anymore.
  No. Such. Luck. 

 For several months he has been able to loosen his straps by pulling the strap adjuster lever, which is no easy task for someone actually buckled into the seat.   After he mastered this he got to work on the chest clip, which I knew wouldn't take him long to figure out because he had already figured out how to unbuckle the straps of the grocery cart and it's basically the same concept.  Well, about a day and a half later he had the chest clip mastered.  Well, friday. Friday he did it.  He was able to actually UNBUCKLE the carseat.  You know the big red button?  Yeah, well he can now press it hard enough to release the buckle!  
Lord. Help. Me.

So what's a mom to do, aside from duct taping him to his seat (which I'm fairly certain he could wriggle out of anyway)?  I am at a loss.  I'm not sure my sanity can handle being stuck at home during the day because Andrew can't be trusted in the carseat!  But I'm also not sure my nerves can handle anymore glances into my rearview mirror only to discover my little monkey halfway out of his seat either!  

A lot of times I will drive with one hand and hold on to the strap adjuster with the other to keep him from loosening it but this really isn't practical if I have to do anything other than drive in a straight line!  I have had to pull over numerous times to re-strap, re-tighten, and re-DIRECT Andrew's attention from his straps.  But now that he can do a full on un-buckle you may not be seeing Andrew and me out in public until he is 4 ft. tall and 80 lbs.  
Lord. Help. Me.
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