Friday, May 29, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday.

I have been reading Kelly's blog for some time now and have enjoyed "Show us where you live Friday" since she started it several weeks ago.  She chooses a different room of the house each week and everyone shares (if they would like too) their room of that week.  Up until now I have just been a lurker, having fun peeking at everyone elses great rooms, but thought I'd participate this week (at least partially). 

The theme this week is Children's Rooms.  I have three children but I have decided to share my Hannah's (9) room this week, mostly because she is my only daughter, her room is so cheerful and because she is home sick today and wants me too!  Maybe the rotation will make it to kids rooms again and I'll show the boy's rooms!

So without further ado.... 
Hannah's Room

The letters she and I worked on together.

Hannah is an avid reader and loves listening to music.
Her fish "Fred the Red Fish" sits on top of her bookshelf.

Hannah's nightstand, complete with some treasured pictures, a lamp and her latest read!

These canvases (that she made with little help) hang on either side of her window

Hannah painted this when she was 5 and it has hung somewhere in her room ever since!

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