Friday, May 29, 2009

Yummy Goodness!

Is there anything yummier than home grown veggies?  Well,  I can think of a couple of things, but that's beside the point.   Anyhow,  over the weekend we went to my mom's house for a barbeque.  When we pulled up my stepdad, Al,  was showing off his garden to his nephew.  Row after row of healthy, lush, colorful vegetables.  Admittedly,  I have never had much of an interest in the actual planting and growing part of gardening but I certainly enjoy the fruit (or veggies in this case :)) of Al's labor.  This year he scaled back a little on his planting as it getting more difficult for him to keep up, but nonetheless, everything he did plant is wonderful.  He has cucumbers, green beans, onions, tomatoes, squash and some other stuff I didn't recognize!  

One of my favorite things each summer is homemade pickles and fresh homemade salsa, yum.  

This was my dinner last night.  Fresh steamed green beans...... along with some brown rice.  That's it.  No more. No less.

Yummy Goodness!

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