Thursday, March 5, 2009

Boys will (not always) be boys!

Have any of you with children, particularly boys, ever wondered why they seem to love all things GROSS?  I never really thought about it...... until Andrew.  Yes, he is my second boy but he is my first BOY!  What I mean by that is that Ethan, although a boy, was and still is, fairly mild tempered, quiet and generally easy to please.  He likes to play quietly, doesn't really care to get dirty and hates to be "in trouble".   I never quite "got it" when people would talk about how hard it is to have a little boy.  When they would speak of rowdy, rambunctious, accident prone, dirt eating, little monsters I nodded in agreement, all the while wondering what in the heck all the fuss was about.  Boys are easy!  Well,...... I GET IT NOW!! I GET IT!!  I SOOO GET IT!!  Boys aren't easy, Ethan was easy.  I was deceived, tricked even! LOL! 
I have to say Andrew seriously gives me a run for my money and makes me feel every bit of 31; sometimes older!  I never knew such a little person could wear me out so quickly.  He challenges me everyday to remain patient and remember that this too shall pass!  Unlike his older brother he thoroughly enjoys getting dirty, in fact he seeks it out.  Hopping in the sandbox that is full of more water than sand while fully clothed, shoes and all makes him deliriously happy.  Splashing in the toilet tickles him to the core and spitting milk by the mouthfuls onto any surface that should NOT get wet is quite amusing to him!  To say that my little man is high maintenance is a GROSS understatement!!  

These are a few of Andrew's favorite things to do on a an average day:
  • climb onto any counter top/ dresser he has time to get on 
  • place handfuls of toys into the fish tank
  • strip naked 10-20 times
  • pee on whatever he has time to before I am able to catch him and dress him again
  • put all of the dog's food into her water dish then play in it
  • take the lid off of the trash can then proceed to rummage through it
  • place misc. items in the toilet, splash it around.... FLUSH!... repeat if necessary.
  • open the refrigerator and DUMP whatever doesn't have a lid and whatever he can get the lid off of. 
  • scale the gate leading in to Hannah's room and go knock all of her c.d's, dvd's, and books off of the shelf and dump her fish food all over the carpet.
                   It's true what they say....
               "No one can resist a "Bad Boy"!

Although completely different, Andrew and Ethan seem to be becoming the best of friends!  Whoever said that being a mom to boys is hard was right.  But not any harder than being a mom to a girl, just a different kind of hard, as I am finding out as Hannah becomes older and nears those dreadful teenage years.  Being a Mom is hard.  The hardest thing that I have ever done.  The best thing I have ever done.  I am so blessed to be the Mom to these amazing kids!  Luckily for Hannah and Ethan they were born first..... I'm KIDDING people!!!

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