Tuesday, April 21, 2009

¿Usted habla español?

Do you all remember my post back in January about Andrew's speech.... or lack there of? Well, as it turns out he can speak..... SPANISH!! I know, I know, the kid won't even speak English so who on earth would believe that he could speak Spanish?  I know I certainly couldn't... until I had him repeat it several times.  See,  we have this rather obnoxious maraca that sings numbers and colors in either English or Spanish to some really great mariachi sounding music.  It got flipped to "spanish" a couple of weeks ago and after hearing it so often I had the song in my head.   You know the one,  "uno", bum badumpump, "dos" ,bum badumpump, "tres", bum badumpump, "quatro"......and so on, and on.....and on.  So, it's in my head and unconciously I sang "uno", to which Andrew responded "dos".  Huh?  So I said "dos" and he responded "tres" (although a little harder to understand that "dos") He did this all the way to "quatro".   We repeated this sequence several times and he responded the same each time so I determined that it wasn't a coincidence.  Okay, what's going on?

 I have been working my tail off to teach this kid how to count in English (heck, I have been working my tail off to get him to say anything) and he learns to count in SPANISH from a flippin' MARACA!  After feeling a little inadequate I decided that I was just ecstatic that he is, indeed, talking.  In the last week he has said so many new words and is repeating EVERYTHING!  This is a huge accomplishment.  It had been over 18 months since we had heard Andrew utter a new word so this week it has been sort of like hearing his first words all over again.  It is wonderful!  Especially after the news we received a couple of weeks ago.  The Speech Therapist that evaluated Andrew let us know that our insurance had denied therapy for him because his delay is not due to injury or illness.   To say that I was devastated is an understatement.  After the shock and helplessness wore off I immediately began looking at other options for him, but it appears that there is not a lot that can be done for him elsewhere until he is 3 (although I am still holding out hope as I wait to hear back from the school district).  So we have been waiting.  In the meantime he has had a language explosion!  Praise the Lord.  I am so thrilled to talk with my little man, even if it is in Spanish!!
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